Result of MA English 4th Term, Session 2014-2016, under Term System, University of Sargodha

Result of MA English 4th Term, Session 2014-2018, under Term System, University of Sargodha

Roll No. Registration No. Name Father Name Status Result/CGPA out of 4.00
14MAENG8304 14F-US-290-1 Qurat Ul Ain Javed Iqbal Pass 2.77
14MAENG8305 14F-US-290-2 Taskeen Fatima Mohsin Ali Pass 2.81
14MAENG8306 14F-US-290-3 Sobia Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Pass 2.60
14MAENG8308 14F-US-290-5 Umm E Hani Muhammad Jahangir Pass 3.06
14MAENG8310 14F-US-290-8 Arifa Mubeen Qazi Muhammad Hanif Pass 3.16
14MAENG8311 14F-US-290-9 Humaira Kalsoom Munsif Khan Pass 2.77
14MAENG8312 14F-US-290-10 Orooma Hudaa Mubarak Ali Pass 3.42
14MAENG8313 14F-US-290-11 Rida Zainab Ghulam Rasool Pass 2.34
14MAENG8314 12-US-290-173 Laraib Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Pass 2.83
14MAENG8315 14F-US-290-12 Marwa Ismail Muhammad Ismail Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.05
14MAENG8316 12-US-290-172 Nageen Zahra Choudhry Ghulam Ali Pass 2.72
14MAENG8317 4F-US-290-13 Amber Rafique Muhammad Rafique Pass 3.20
14MAENG8318 14F-US-290-179 Ayesha Rehman Abdul Rehman Pass 2.29
14MAENG8320 14F-US-290-15 Farah Rani Muhammad Aslam Pass 3.09
14MAENG8321 14F-US-290-16 Iram Naz Ghulam Shabbir Pass 3.09
14MAENG8322 14F-US-290-17 Jawaria Zahid Zahid Hussain Pass 2.45
14MAENG8323 14F-US-290-18 Aabroo Fatima Syed All E Mustafaf Pass 2.79
14MAENG8324 14F-US-290-37 Yasmeen Bibi Riaz Ahmed Pass 2.65
14MAENG8325 12-US-290-177 Laraib Raza Ghulam Raza Pass 2.69
14MAENG8327 14F-US-290-19 Iqra Mobeen Munawar Hussain Pass 3.03
14MAENG8328 14F-US-290-20 Maliqa Shahnaz Norasab Khan Pass 3.08
14MAENG8329 14F-US-290-21 Amreena Akram Muhammad Akram Pass 2.65
14MAENG8330 14F-US-290-22 Amna Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob Pass 2.68
14MAENG8331 10-US-290-50 Syeda Wardah Tu Zahra Syed Mazhar Ul Haq Shah Pass 3.21
14MAENG8332 14F-US-290-23 Ayesha Siddiqa Faiz Ul Hassan Pass 2.68
14MAENG8334 14F-US-290-25 Zubaria Manzoor Manzoor Hussain Pass 2.35
14MAENG8335 14F-US-290-26 Humaira Sajid Sajid Mehmodd Pass 2.85
14MAENG8336 14F-US-290-28 Haleema Bib Muhammad Younas Pass 2.74
14MAENG8337 14F-US-290-29 Rabia Kousar Muhammad Idrees Pass 3.02
14MAENG8338 14F-US-290-30 Munaza Amir Muhammad Amir Khan Pass 2.55
14MAENG8339 14F-US-290-31 Salma Bibi Wajib Hussain Pass 2.57
14MAENG8341 14F-US-290-34 Aqeela Batool Muhammad Safdar Pass 3.48
14MAENG8342 14F-US-290-35 Mayida Habiba Ijaz Hussain Pass 3.03
14MAENG8343 11-US-5–49 Saman Shahzadi Muhammad Abdullah Pass 2.79
14MAENG8344 02-US-P–787 Shagufta Naz Rana Muhammad Khalil Pass 3.15
14MAENG8345 10-US-05–80 Quratulain Abdul Wahab Pass 2.52
14MAENG8346 12-US-P–3227 Nirmal Sameer Ram Sameer Pass 2.79
14MAENG8347 Saira Bano Rana Muhammad Anwar Pass 2.67
14MAENG8348 11-US-5–29 Gulnaz Aala Ud Din Pass 3.09
14MAENG8349 13-US-P–6229 Shazia Akram Rana Muhammad Akram Pass 2.94
14MAENG8350 12-US-5–86 Kaneez Umme Farwa Siqandar Hayat Pass 2.43
14MAENG8351 10-US-05–81 Mamoona Wahab Abdul Wahab Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.18
14MAENG8352 08-US-05–54 Sadaf Riaz Muhammad Raiz Pass 2.62
14MAENG8355 12-US-247–142 Aumrus Ismail Muhammad Ismail Pass 2.71
14MAENG8356 13-US-P–5857 Anam Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob Pass 2.82
14MAENG8357 12-US-345–162 Anam Saher Chauhdri Ch Shabir Akhtar Pass 2.89
14MAENG8358 12-US-21–68 Farina Shaheen Gul Nawaz Pass 2.71
14MAENG8359 12-US-39–34 Arifa Saddiq Muhammad Saddiq Pass 2.92
14MAENG8360 12-US-21–52 Faiza Fiaz Muhammad Fiaz Pass 2.85
14MAENG8364 12-US-345–175 Usman Haider Raja Aziz Ullah Khan Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.57
14MAENG8366 05-US-P–2188 Hafiz Ghulam Rasool Haji Muhammad Yasin Pass 2.55
14MAENG8367 Muhammad Noman Muhammad Din Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.46
14MAENG8368 12-US-P–3795 Muhammad Nadeem Muhammad Basheer Pass 2.83
14MAENG8369 08-US-P–2574 Qamar Abbas Hakeem Zamir Ul Hassan Pass 2.38
14MAENG8371 09-US-P–8398 Muhammad Javed Waseem Haji Meher Khan Pass 2.52
14MAENG8372 08-US-BUS–31 Aurangzaib Muhammad Akram Pass 2.92
14MAENG8376 12-US-248–20 Shahana Iram Muhammad Ijaz Pass 2.70
14MAENG8378 12-US-P–11063 Sadia Haleema Hafiz Ghulam Mahmood Pass 2.33
14MAENG8381 13-US-P–5962 Tehmina Iqbal Zafar Iqbal Pass 2.62
14MAENG8382 Saima Rafi Muhammad Rafi Pass 2.57
14MAENG8384 12-US-CSS–86 Muqdus Ambreen Muhammad Hnif Pass 2.86
14MAENG8385 10-US-247–71 Shezadi Afzal Muhammad Afzal Pass 2.91
14MAENG8389 12-US-P–464 Shakir Shahzad Muhammad Rafeeq Pass 2.73
14MAENG8390 14-US-P–718 Waqar Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf Pass 2.27
14MAENG8396 07-US-02–854 Mehwish Jabeen Javed Akhter Pass 2.71
14MAENG8397 11-US-03–173 Ayesha Sidiqa Zafar Hayat Pass 2.71
14MAENG8398 07-US-02–788 Aneela Akram Muhammad Akram Pass 3.09
14MAENG8400 10-US-02–80 Samra Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Ghaffar Pass 2.37
14MAENG8402 08-US-MCM–16 Shamaila Farooq Nazar Farooq Pass 2.56
14MAENG8403 12-US-71–108 Rabia Zafar Muhammad Zafar Hayat Pass 2.60
14MAENG8405 08-US-07–113 Abida Riffat Muhammad Riffat Hayat Pass 2.44
14MAENG8406 08-US-07–201 Syeda Nayyar Batool Imdad Hussain Pass 2.23
14MAENG8407 12-US-07–17 Ume Habiba Muhammad Anwar Raza Pass 2.79
14MAENG8409 04-US-P–3604 Saira Yasmeen Haji Ahmad Pass 3.12
14MAENG8410 12-US-7-82 Saba Akhtar Akhtar Hayyat Pass 2.84
14MAENG8412 12-US-7-6 Rabia Fatima Hafiz Muhammad Nawaz Pass 2.63
14MAENG8413 11-US-7-91 Huma Aslam Haji Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.76
14MAENG8414 11-US-7-31 Sidra Tul Muntaha Muhammad Lateef Pass 3.10
14MAENG8416 13-US-7-130 Iram Shahzadi Muhammad Ashraf Pass 2.40
14MAENG8418 08-US-7-46 Sania Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.61
14MAENG8422 05-US-7-245 Madia Huma Muhammad Ashraf Pass 3.30
14MAENG8423 10-US-7-203 Faria Aslam Muhammad Aslam Khan Pass 2.16
14MAENG8425 12-US-3-55 Nida Saif Khalid Saifullah Pass 2.98
14MAENG8426 07-US-7-160 Mamoona Sarfraz Muhammad Sarfraz Pass 2.44
14MAENG8427 12-US-7-73 Ume Rubab Muhammad Sarfaraz Pass 2.52
14MAENG8428 11-US-7-86 Fakhira Batool Hafiz Faroz Pass 2.54
14MAENG8429 11-US-7-204 Iqra Batool Muhammad Ramzan Pass 2.79
14MAENG8430 12-US-7-86 Anum Ehsan Muhammad Ehsan Pass 3.49
14MAENG8431 12-US-7-62 Fozia Noreen Farooq Ahmad Pass 3.38
14MAENG8432 12-US-7-31 Sundas Hameed Haji Abdul Hameed Pass 2.73
14MAENG8433 10-US-7-08 Bushra Kanwal Muhammad Khan Pass 3.42
14MAENG8434 2-US-7-30 Komal Rasheed Rasheed Ahmad Pass 3.02
14MAENG8437 10-US-7-71 Asma Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ali Pass 2.49
14MAENG8438 07-US-7-101 Tanzeela Kahlid Kahlid Mahmood Pass 2.86
14MAENG8439 6-US-7-105 Nargis Parveen Mureed Hussain Pass 2.95
14MAENG8440 13-US-P-6509 Rahila Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar Pass 2.83
14MAENG8442 11-US-228–28 Shazia Batool Koura Khan Dropped 2.37
14MAENG8443 12-US-300–61 Tasleem Bibi Bashir Ahmed Dropped 1.68
14MAENG8447 12-US-253–38 Rabbia Mehreen Muhammad Akram Mughal Dropped 2.06
14MAENG8453 12-US-P–347 Samina Naz Muhammad Saleem Pass 3.31
14MAENG8454 12-US-P–3631 Rehana Kousar Abdul Aziz Pass 2.89
14MAENG8455 11-US-169–01 Samreen Ali Awan Ali Muhammad Pass 3.09
14MAENG8457 07-US-21–31 Nazli Kiran Muhammad Nisar Pass 2.95
14MAENG8458 10-US-P–699 Ayesha Shahid Sherwani Shahid Iqbal Khan Pass 3.08
14MAENG8459 12-US-169–90 Nadia Anwar Anwar Khursheed Pass 2.95
14MAENG8460 11-US-247–50 Samia Haleem Muhammad Haleem Pass 2.85
14MAENG8461 12-US-169–91 Nimra Ghaffar Abdul Ghaffar Pass 2.88
14MAENG8462 12-US-169–81 Ayesha Bilal Muhammad Ismail Bilal Pass 2.80
14MAENG8463 12-US-169–31 Dania Malik Muhammad Sabir Pass 2.61
14MAENG8468 14-US-P–5818 Muhammad Bilal Makan Muhammad Iqbal Makan Pass 2.90
14MAENG8471 12-US-22–152 Muhammad Kamran Karam Ali Pass 2.67
14MAENG8474 Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Hanif Messieh Pass 2.09
14MAENG8477 Saher Fatima Nayyer Razzaq Pass 2.66
14MAENG8480 Maria Hanif Muhammd Hanif Pass 2.67
14MAENG8481 Tazeen Tabssum Kifayat Ullah Khan Pass 2.89
14MAENG8484 Gowhur Ali Muhammad Ramzan May Repeat Failed Courses 1.93
14MAENG8487 Nida Saleem Muhammad Saleem Pass 2.38
14MAENG8488 Kanwel Qaisara Khalil Ahmed Qaisar Pass 2.23
14MAENG8489 Asima Batool Muhammad Sharif Pass 2.12
14MAENG8490 Humaira Asghar Muhammad Asghar May Repeat Failed Courses 1.88
14MAENG8493 Sara Saleem Muhammad Saleem Pass 2.61
14MAENG8515 Shahida Parveen Faiz Ul Hassan Pass 2.89
14MAENG8516 Ariba Arshad Qazi Muhammad Arsahd Pass 2.93
14MAENG8518 Amina Tahir Tahir Iqbal Gill Pass 2.74
14MAENG8519 Anila Arif Malik Arif Awan Pass 2.58
14MAENG8520 Iqra Shahzadi Muhammad Razzaq Pass 2.69
14MAENG8521 Madiha Hussain Muhammad Hussain Pass 2.70
14MAENG8522 Saba Naveed Naveed Ahmed Pass 2.85
14MAENG8523 Aqsa Mushtaq Muhammad Mushtaq Pass 2.47
14MAENG8531 Humaira Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Pass 2.41
14MAENG8533 Zahid Mehmood Mehr Khan Pass 2.77
14MAENG8534 Rabia Shabber Ahmed Shabber Ahmed Pass 2.16
14MAENG8535 Yasmeen Shokat Shokat Ali Pass 2.41
14MAENG8536 Fatima Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.16
14MAENG8539 Bushra Musrat Abdul Majeed Pass 2.00
14MAENG8540 Aimas Akhter Rana Akhter Ali Pass 2.74
14MAENG8541 Naheed Akhtar Muhammad Akram Pass 2.42
14MAENG8546 Naveed Akhtar Rashid Akhtar Pass 2.48
14MAENG8549 Muhammad Imran Malik Ghulam Rasool Pass 2.59
14MAENG8550 Aamar Sajjad Muhammad Sajjad Pass 2.80
14MAENG8551 Naseem Akhtar Habib Ullah Pass 2.65
14MAENG8552 Saima Ramzan Muhammad Ramzan Pass 2.67
14MAENG8554 Misbah Shafiq Muhammad Shfiqe Pass 2.20
14MAENG8555 Fozia Ismaeel Muhammad Ismaeel Pass 2.58
14MAENG8558 Amina Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Pass 3.14
14MAENG8560 Rabia Noreen Maqbool Hussain Pass 3.01
14MAENG8561 Aneela Sehar Abdul Majeed Pass 2.81
14MAENG8564 Madeeha Kanwal Muhammad Hussain Pass 2.52
14MAENG8570 Sadaf Gull Muhammad Rafiq Pass 2.46
14MAENG8572 Sadia Javed Javed Iqbal Pass 2.78
14MAENG8573 Saima Perveen Mushtaq Ahmed Pass 3.03
14MAENG8575 Atiqa Amin Muhammad Amin Pass 2.40
14MAENG8577 Ambreen Fazal Fazal Hussain Pass 2.75
14MAENG8578 Tasleem Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Pass 2.30
14MAENG8579 Sidra Anam Muhammad Shafi Pass 2.28
14MAENG8580 Aliya Amin Amin Sanam Pass 2.60
14MAENG8582 Sibgha Tul Ann Saeed Ahmed Pass 2.54
14MAENG8583 Sumra Mumtaz Muhammad Mumtaz Pass 2.51
14MAENG8585 Ambareen Saba Muhammad Sadiq Pass 2.40
14MAENG8586 Iqra Maqsood Maqsood Ahmad Pass 2.52
14MAENG8591 Iram Shahzadi Abdul Ghani Pass 2.50
14MAENG8593 Kashif Ali Rao Liaqat Ali Pass 2.64
14MAENG8594 Saima Rafique Muhammad Rafique Pass 2.24
14MAENG8595 14F-US-424–06 Saima Naz Allah Bakhash Pass 2.73
14MAENG8596 Sadia Noreen Muhammad Shaban Pass 2.49
14MAENG8597 14F-US-424-0-6 Farzana Bibi Manzoor Ahmad Pass 2.71
14MAENG8598 14F-US-424–07 Rashid Ali Qasim Ali Pass 3.09
14MAENG8599 14F-US-424–08 Nisar Ahmed Mashooq Ali Absent
14MAENG8604 14F-US-365-04 Abida Siddiqa Manzoor Ahmad Zafar Pass 2.72
14MAENG8605 14F-US-365-02 Nadia Saleem Muhammad Anwar Saleem Pass 2.30
14MAENG8606 14F-US-365-03 Sadaf Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.09
14MAENG8607 14F-US-274–10 Anam Wajid Wajid Hussain Pass 2.38
14MAENG8608 10-US-260–107 Snober Gull Sultan Muhamad Pass 3.12
14MAENG8609 14F-US-274–7 Adila Akram Muhammad Akram Pass 2.95
14MAENG8612 14F-US-274–3 Ifra Siddique Muhammad Siddique Pass 2.23
14MAENG8613 14F-US-274–8 Muzdalfa Shabbir Shabbir Ahmad Siddiqi Pass 2.57
14MAENG8614 14F-US-274–9 Neelam Khalid Muhammad Khalid Pass 2.59
14MAENG8615 14F-US-274–11 Iqra Arshad Muhammad Arshad Pass 3.05
14MAENG8618 Masooma Zahra Talib Hussain Pass 2.69
14MAENG8619 Shazia Perveen Umar Draz Pass 2.41
14MAENG8620 Ameena Ismail Muhammad Ismail RLA
14MAENG8622 Sehrish Shokat Shoqat Khan Pass 2.76
14MAENG8624 Shazia Saleem Haji Muhammad Saleem Pass 2.68
14MAENG8625 Ammara Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf Pass 3.22
14MAENG8626 Samina Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar Khan Pass 3.19
14MAENG8629 Saleha Almas Sajjad Ahmad Bajwa Pass 2.91
14MAENG8635 12-US-31–44 Annam Khurshid Khurshid Ahmad Pass 2.83
14MAENG8636 12-US-31–43 Saima Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Pass 2.38
14MAENG8637 12-US-31–52 Rafia Gul Quttab Ud Din Khan Pass 2.69
14MAENG8639 Tayyaba Ishfaq Muhammad Ishfaq Pass 2.86
14MAENG8641 11-US-31–11 Sadaf Zulfquar Zulfquar Ali Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.25
14MAENG8642 12-US-31–24 Sara Nosheen Naeem Noor Muhammad Naeem Khan Pass 2.18
14MAENG8643 12-US-31–37 Kalsoom Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar Pass 2.67
14MAENG8644 13-US-P–3503 Mubeena Shaheen Syed Munawar Hussain Shah Bukhari Pass 2.31
14MAENG8645 06-US-31–14 Nazia Hassan Khan Khan Muhammad Pass 3.16
14MAENG8646 06-US-31–01 Nyla Parveen Ghulam Sarwar Pass 2.62
14MAENG8647 09-US-31–09 Samina Naz Khalid Mahmood Pass 2.42
14MAENG8649 09-US-31–47 Sajida Bibi Hussain Bukhash Pass 2.74
14MAENG8650 09-US-31–42 Najma Parveen Abdu Sstar Pass 2.58
14MAENG8651 11-US-31-05 Rabia Ahmad Ghulam Ahmad Pass 2.97
14MAENG8654 Shoaib Iqbal Muhammad Aslam Iqbal Pass 2.39
14MAENG8656 Iqra Ayesha Muhammad Ashiq Pass 2.83
14MAENG8661 Rashid Ali Shouket Ali Pass 2.41
14MAENG8662 Sajid Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.51
14MAENG8670 Aniza Tariq Tariq Hussain Shah Absent
14MAENG8673 Iqra Maqsood Maqsood Shah Pass 2.66
14MAENG8674 Sidra Ashraf Ashraf Ali Pass 2.37
14MAENG8675 Wajeeha Rizwi Syd Tassadaq Husain Rizwi Pass 2.21
14MAENG8676 Shahin Sabir Ghulam Sabir Pass 2.87
14MAENG8677 Fakhra Afzal Muhammad Afzal Pass 2.80
14MAENG8680 10-US-241-270 Shumaila Houket Shouket Ali Pass 2.54
14MAENG8684 Tulat Yasmin Saraj Din Pass 2.21
14MAENG8685 Waqar Ul Nisa Muhammad Rafique Zia Pass 2.42
14MAENG8686 Saima Rani Zulfiqar Ali Pass 2.33
14MAENG8687 Anam Haneef Muhammad Haneef Pass 2.50
14MAENG8689 Shaista Hakim Hakim Ali Pass 2.39
14MAENG8691 12-US-130-170 Irrum Zafar Zafar Iqbal Pass 3.09
14MAENG8692 Munazza Farooq Muhammad Farooq Pass 3.05
14MAENG8694 Syeda Azra Sehr Syed Zaheer Ul Hassan Shah Pass 2.65
14MAENG8695 Maryam Gull Farhad Ahmed Pass 2.42
14MAENG8696 Rabbia Rehman Mian Habib Ur Rehman Pass 2.89
14MAENG8697 Rabia Ahmed Nazir Ahmed Pass 2.75
14MAENG8698 Sundas Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Hussain Pass 2.33
14MAENG8699 Shehresh Masud Masud Ahmad Pass 2.64
14MAENG8700 Faiza Siddique Muhammad Siddique Pass 2.54
14MAENG8701 Tahira Daniel Daniel Sardar Pass 2.65
14MAENG8702 Aqsa Zubair Zubair Ahmad Pass 2.59
14MAENG8703 Maria Younas Muhammad Younas Pass 2.73
14MAENG8704 Firheen Rahman Abdul Rahman Pass 2.62
14MAENG8705 Alia Ishrat Muhammad Arif Pass 2.40
14MAENG8706 Ambreen Waqar Waqar Ahmed Pass 2.33
14MAENG8707 Ishrat Jubeen Muhammad Munir Pass 2.16
14MAENG8708 Um E Habiba Muhammad Khalil Jami Pass 2.64
14MAENG8709 Saba Farooq Muhammad Farooq Pass 2.69
14MAENG8710 Hina Ramzan Muhammad Ramzan Pass 3.03
14MAENG8712 Neiha Shaukat Irfan Shaukat Pass 2.54
14MAENG8713 10-US-90-45 Riffat Hanif Muhammad Hanif Pass 3.37
14MAENG8714 Norita Barlas Muhammad Wasim Barlas Pass 3.42
14MAENG8715 Yasmeen Muhammad Ashiq Pass 2.42
14MAENG8717 Nadia Ghazanfar Ghazanfar Ali Pass 2.16
14MAENG8718 Shazia Tabassum Khadim Hussain Pass 2.56
14MAENG8719 Khadija Qayyum Abdul Qayyum Pass 3.17
14MAENG8720 Zill E Huma Akhter Hussain Pass 2.99
14MAENG8723 Saif Ullah Javed Javed Iqbal Pass 3.02
14MAENG8727 Muhammad Omer Aleem Ahmad Shamsi Dropped 1.46
14MAENG8728 14F-US-397-11 Naima Bashir Muhammad Bashir Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.63
14MAENG8729 14F-US-397-6 Sabiha Riasat Riasat Ali Pass 2.12
14MAENG8730 14F-US-397-13 Aqsa Muhammad Nasim Pass 2.07
14MAENG8731 14F-US-397-15 Zainab Batool Ishtiaq Hussian Pass 2.75
14MAENG8732 14F-US-397-5 Saba Javeed Javeed Iqbal Pass 2.49
14MAENG8733 14F-US-397-4 Ayesha Zahoor Zahoor Ahmad Pass 2.22
14MAENG8734 14F-US-397-3 Mubashara Riaz Muhammad Riaz Pass 2.66
14MAENG8735 14F-US-397-8 Zartash Fatima Muhammad Akther Pass 2.82
14MAENG8736 13-US-333-60 Ayesha Muqeem Muhammad Muqeem Khan Pass 2.50
14MAENG8739 Bushra Ghulam Ali Ghulam Ali Pass 2.85
14MAENG8743 Tanzila Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Sabar Pass 2.69
14MAENG8751 Hafiz Abdur Rehman Muhammad Deen Pass 2.29
14MAENG8758 Shamsa Kanwal Muhammad Idrees Khan Pass 2.67
14MAENG8759 Hina Shehnaz Raja Muhammad Nazir Pass 2.28
14MAENG8760 Anam Rasheed Rasheed Ahmed Manj May Repeat Failed Courses 1.90
14MAENG8762 Sehrish Mubeen Ghulam Rasul Pass 2.14
14MAENG8763 Aqsa Mubeen Ashiq Ali Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.08
14MAENG8765 Maham Tajamul Roa Tajamul May Repeat Failed Courses 1.99
14MAENG8766 Zunaira Taaj Zuliafqar Ali Pass 2.46
14MAENG8768 Sunbal Tariq Virk Tariq Virk Pass 2.53
14MAENG8770 Atifa Mansoor Mansoor Ahmad Pass 3.30
14MAENG8771 Sadiqa Hameed Abdul Hameed Pass 2.30
14MAENG8776 Kalsoom Jabbar Abdul Jabbar Pass 2.37
14MAENG8777 Saba Waris Waris Rasheed Pass 2.57
14MAENG8778 Rabia Shoukat Muhammad Shoukat Pass 2.86
14MAENG8779 Kiran Tahir Muhammad Tahir Pass 2.63
14MAENG8785 Iqra Shahzadi Haji Shahzad Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.00
14MAENG8794 Iram Rana Muhammad Shahbaz Pass 2.57
14MAENG8795 Sumbal Liaqat Liaqat Ali Naz Pass 3.15
14MAENG8796 Iqra Muhammad Zulifqar Pass 2.88
14MAENG8797 Uzma Rashid Muhammad Rashid Pass 3.03
14MAENG8798 Maham Rabbani Ghulam Rabbani Pass 2.65
14MAENG8799 Wajeeha Hafeez Abdul Hafeez Pass 2.24
14MAENG8800 Wajeeeha Haseeb Muhammad Haseeb Azam Pass 2.81
14MAENG8801 Zareena Hanif Muhammad Hanif Pass 2.86
14MAENG8802 Misbah Manzoor Manzoor Ahmad Pass 2.59
14MAENG8803 Naila Yasmin Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti Pass 2.50
14MAENG8804 Sana Irfan Muhammad Irfan Pass 3.01
14MAENG8806 Atifa Jabbar Kiyani Abdul Jabbar Kiyani Pass 2.87
14MAENG8807 Iram Mushtaq Mu;Hammad Mushtaq Pass 2.68
14MAENG8808 Aneeza Ajmal Muhammad Ajmal May Repeat Failed Courses 1.97
14MAENG8809 Ghulam Fatima Rashid Abdul Rashid Pass 2.81
14MAENG8810 Saba Younas Muhammad Younas Pass 2.53
14MAENG8811 Sana Javed Sarwar Javed Pass 2.19
14MAENG8812 Zaib Un Nisa Shafaqat Ali Pass 2.50
14MAENG8813 Ayesha Khalid Khalid Mahmood Pass 2.39
14MAENG8814 Attia Harooon Muhammad Haroon Pass 2.71
14MAENG8815 Safia Mureed Ali Mureed Ali Pass 2.82
14MAENG8816 Iram Sharif Muhammad Sharif Pass 3.13
14MAENG8817 Kiran Latif Muhammad Latif Pass 2.92
14MAENG8818 Tooba Kiran Muhammad Idrees Pass 2.82
14MAENG8819 Sheneela Jameel Muhammad Jameel Pass 2.14
14MAENG8820 Aqsa Shaukat Shaukat Ali Pass 2.96
14MAENG8821 Tehmina Mansha Muhammad Mansha Pass 3.04
14MAENG8822 Pervasha Sarfraz Sarfraz Ahmed Nadeem Pass 2.93
14MAENG8823 Shiba Shehzadi Muhammad Mansha Pass 2.57
14MAENG8830 Muhammad Waseem Sarwar Ghulam Sarwar Pass 3.05
14MAENG8834 Nargis Yasmin Nazir Hussain Pass 2.11
14MAENG8836 Sumaira Khan Dost Muhammad Dropped from Program due to Max attempts 2.33
14MAENG8842 Abida Parveen Ghulam Akbar Pass 2.49
14MAENG8843 Zahida Kalsoom Muhammad Anwer Pass 2.45
14MAENG8844 Faiza Nisar Nisar Ahmad Saleem Pass 2.32
14MAENG8846 12-US-41-38 Abdul Salam Muhammad Amir Pass 2.68
14MAENG8849 11-US-27–42 Sadia Manzoor Manzoor Hussian Pass 2.87
14MAENG8850 Arfa Shahzad Muhammad Mukhtiar Pass 3.03
14MAENG8851 11-US-53–259 Umber Afshan Ghulam Haider Pass 2.58
14MAENG8852 13-US-P-8660 Sara Kalsoom Muhammad Jamil Pass 2.47
14MAENG8853 Saira Parveen Muhammad Amin Pass 2.61
14MAENG8854 11-US-253-155 Hadiqa Rubab Shahbaz Ali Khan Pass 2.71
14MAENG8856 11-US-253-211 Nabeela Shmeem Muhammad Amin Pass 2.86
14MAENG8857 14F-US-29-01 Nazia Yasmeen Ali Muhammad Ali Khan Pass 2.39
14MAENG8858 13-US-P-4163 Ammara Azmat Rana Azmat Ali Pass 2.93
14MAENG8859 11-US-29-235 Kashif Ali Shaukat Ali Pass 2.71
14MAENG8860 08-US-37–73 Muhammad Awais Tariq Tariq Kamal Pass 2.68
14MAENG8861 13-US29-13 Laraib Aashiq Muhammad Aashiq Pass 2.51
14MAENG8862 13-US-P-4285 Muhammad Tanveer Ghulam Rasool Pass 2.60
14MAENG8864 13-US-29-06 Bushra Jabeen Abdul Rouf Pass 2.52
14MAENG8865 13-US-29-09 Noreen Kausar Muhammad Ismail Pass 2.75
14MAENG8866 12-US-29-393 Saud Gul Gul Muhammad Pass 2.73
14MAENG8867 13-US-29-10 Zeenat Bibi Ameer Hussain Pass 2.83
14MAENG8870 13-US-29-12 Muhammad Aamer Falak Sher Pass 2.56
14MAENG8871 12-US-29-195 Azhar Abbas Nazar Hussain Khan Pass 2.94
14MAENG8872 12-US-29-208 Farman Ali Aman Ullah Pass 2.94
14MAENG8874 13-US-P-4164 Shama Azmat Rana Azmat Ali Pass 2.61
14MAENG8875 11-US-253-157 Ishrat Manzoor Manzoor Hussian Pass 2.85
14MAENG8876 Iram Bashir Muihammd Bashir Ahmad Pass 2.12
14MAENG8878 11-US-253-136 Saira Batool Malik Mulazim Hussain Pass 2.58
14MAENG8880 12-US-239–120 Ayesha Naeem Hafiz Muhammad Naeem Pass 2.84
14MAENG8881 07-US-CSC–236 Nazia Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Pass 2.72
14MAENG8883 Nazish Batool Azhar Ali Shah Pass 2.76
14MAENG8886 04-US-03–04 Nazia Ahmad Ahmad Hayat Pass 2.93
14MAENG8887 12-US-3–69 Nishat Gull Abdul Gaffar Pass 2.67
14MAENG8888 04-US-01–1672 Amna Malik Muhammad Ameer Pass 2.32
14MAENG8889 Amna Javed Javed Sadiq Pass 3.04
14MAENG8890 12-US-3–129 Shabnam Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Pass 3.44
14MAENG8892 13-US-P–5152 Rukhsana Akbar Muhammad Akbar Pass 3.27
14MAENG8893 12-US-71-73 Nighat Shaheen Muhammad Yousaf Pass 3.03
14MAENG8894 12-US-7-3 Sana Mushtaq Mirza Mushtaq Baig Pass 3.48
14MAENG8895 12-US-7-80 Kousar Shaheen Haji Anayat Rasool Pass 3.12
14MAENG8896 12-US-7-1 Saba Gul Muhammad Asghar Liqa Pass 3.75
14MAENG8897 12-US-7-261 Qurat Ul Ain Asmat Asmat Ullah Cheema Pass 2.63
14MAENG8898 11-US-7-43 Khadija Mukhtar Mukhtar Ahmed Pass 3.00
14MAENG8899 11-US-7-44 Hafza Sania Manzoor Manzoor Hussain Pass 3.08
14MAENG8900 11-US-7-28 Atia Batool Muhammad Afzal Pass 3.05
14MAENG8902 12-US-7-83 Um E Laila Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah Pass 3.72
14MAENG8904 12-US-7-35 Imtiaz Akhtar Abdul Ghafoor Pass 3.08
14MAENG8905 11-US-7-256 Salma Parveen Fazal Kareem Pass 3.17
14MAENG8906 12-US-7-103 Iqra Riaz Riaz Hussain Pass 3.37
14MAENG8909 13-US-P-22–56 Faiza Ishaq Muhammad Ishaq Pass 2.45
14MAENG8912 14F-US-131-16 Bismillah Raja Qurban Hussain Pass 2.64
14MAENG8914 Muhammad Shaban Ghazanfar Ali Pass 2.80
14MAENG8939 Saima Sadaf Hafiz Ghulam Ali Pass 3.29
14MAENG8940 Uzma Jabeen Muhammad Azam Pass 2.75
14MAENG8941 Farhat Mumtaz Mumtaz Ahmed Pass 2.65
14MAENG8948 Suriyya Batool Shah Nawaz Pass 2.79
14MAENG8956 2009-JJW–166 Mehwish Kanwal Manzoor Qadir Pass 3.10
14MAENG8957 09-US-EDU–35 Samina Zahoor Zahoor Hussain Pass 2.53
14MAENG8958 10-US-247–95 Mahwish Batool Raja Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Pass 2.79
14MAENG8959 04-US-21–57 Ayesha Younas Shaikh Muhammad Younas Pass 2.39
14MAENG8960 12-US-P–14840 Humaira Khan Malik Malik Muhammad Khan Pass 2.55
14MAENG8961 11-US-21–10 Naila Noureen Muhammad Yousaf Pass 3.02
14MAENG8963 Muhammad Ramzan Muhammad Afzal Pass 2.69
14MAENG8964 Uzma Kanwal Sarmad Kamal Pass 3.25
14MAENG8965 12-US-P–16701 Muhammad Zaheer Iqbal Fateh Khan Pass 2.83
14MAENG8966 12-US-P–6948 Riffat Naz Kazim Hussain Pass 2.58
14MAENG8968 14-US-P–1705 Faheem Nazar Hakeem Nazar Hussain Pass 2.53
14MAENG8969 11-US-P–2979 Azhar Javed Malik Malik Ghulam Hussain Pass 2.84
14MAENG8970 Shazia Arshed Arshed Hussain Pass 2.62
14MAENG8973 04-US-P–1505 Abdul Jabbar Ahmed Khan Pass 2.71
14MAENG8974 04-US-P–1503 Ishfaq Hussain Muhammad Hussain Pass 2.31
14MAENG8975 14F-US-172-01 Samina Yaqub Muhammad Yaqub Pass 2.30
14MAENG8976 14F-US-172-02 Nudrat-Ul-Saher Saeed Rana Amhad Saeed Pass 2.16
14MAENG8979 14F-US-172-6 Nimra Firdous Sabir Sabir Ali Sabir Pass 2.61
14MAENG8982 14F-US-172-8 Shahnila Shahzad M Irshad Shahzad Pass 2.68
14MAENG8984 14F-US-172-10 Neelam Akhtar Akhtar Hussain Pass 2.31
14MAENG8986 14F-US-172-12 Sana Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.58
14MAENG8987 14F-US-172-13 Mommna Naeem Badar Naeem Pass 2.78
14MAENG8991 14F-US-172-18 Sonia Ali Muhammad Ali Muhammad Pass 2.74
14MAENG8992 14F-US-172-19 Naseem Akhtar Ghulam Mustafa Pass 2.25
14MAENG8994 14F-US-172-21 Maryam Bibi Abdul Aziz Pass 3.10
14MAENG8995 14F-US-172-22 Khadija Muhammad Latif Pass 3.47
14MAENG8996 14F-US-172-23 Sana Ehsan Ehsan Ahmad Pass 2.31
14MAENG8997 14F-US-172-24 Nusrat Saleem Muhammad Saleem Pass 2.45
14MAENG8998 14F-US-172-25 Shazia Naseem Rasheed Ahmed Pass 2.32
14MAENG9000 14F-US-172-27 Shumaila Khaliq Abdul Khaliq Pass 2.48
14MAENG9001 14F-US-172-28 Bushra Shahzadi Faqir Hussain Pass 2.27
14MAENG9002 14F-US-172-29 Fozia Ashraf Muhammad Ahsraf Pass 2.57
14MAENG9003 14F-US-172-30 Sumaira Afzal Muhammad Afzal Pass 2.42
14MAENG9005 14F-US-172-11 Maida Javeed Javeed Mustafa Pass 2.76
14MAENG9009 14F-US-172-34 Javeria Kanwal Muhammad Moosa Pass 2.36
14MAENG9010 10-US-174-125 Muhammad Kashif Fateh Muhammad Pass 2.86
14MAENG9015 11-US-22-150 Jafar Hussain Muhammad Ikhtiar Pass 2.50
14MAENG9016 13-US-P-9182 Hafiz Imran Hassan Bashir Ahmad Pass 3.05
14MAENG9017 12-US-22-182 Rana Mudasir Nadeem Muhammad Nadeem Pass 2.48
14MAENG9018 105-US-252-15 Majid Ullah Safdar Ali Pass 2.55
14MAENG9019 11-US-P-2852 Muhammad Asif Muhammad Yaqub Pass 3.09
14MAENG9020 10-US-22-62 Muhammad Akhtar Muhammad Sadiq Pass 2.36
14MAENG9021 10-US-38-03 Abdul Samad Haji Aurang Zab Pass 2.35
14MAENG9023 10-US-P-3287 Abdul Rasheed Ghulam Habib Pass 2.31
14MAENG9024 12-US-22-252 Muhammad Junaid Sultan Muhammad Pass 3.06
14MAENG9025 13-US-P-5904 Ahmed Faraz Muhammad Riaz Pass 2.93
14MAENG9026 13-US-P-3154 Khurram Shahzad Muhammad Aziz Pass 2.52
14MAENG9027 14-US-P-7050 Safia Bib Ghulam Abbas Pass 2.67
14MAENG9028 12-US-345-163 Farida Khan Haibat Khan Pass 3.16
14MAENG9029 11-US-345-201 Zainab Bib Muhammad Yaqub Pass 2.41
14MAENG9030 12-US-39-13 Saira Yasmeen Gulzaman Pass 3.23
14MAENG9031 12-US-247-58 Nagina Shahzadi Ghulam Habib Pass 2.75
14MAENG9032 11-US-247-19 Zobia Saman Syed Iftikhar Ali Pass 2.85
14MAENG9033 10-US-P-4272 Nida Fatima Muhammad Azhar Nadeem Pass 3.05
14MAENG9034 12-US-247-94 Sabeena Naz Ghulam Murtaza Pass 3.07
14MAENG9035 12-US-247-91 Iqra Ahmad Ahmad Ziad Pass 3.04
14MAENG9036 10-US-03-354 Ummara Saeed Muhammad Saeed Pass 3.07
14MAENG9037 11-US-345-202 Sobia Noureen Fazal Ellahi Pass 2.96
14MAENG9038 11-US-247-20 Samina Amjad Amjad Ibrahim Pass 2.63
14MAENG9039 12-US-247-175 Tayyaba Kousar Muhammad Azam Pass 2.82
14MAENG9040 13-US-P-5853 Mahrukh Maryam Butt Naeem Yousaf Butt Pass 2.41
14MAENG9041 13-US-P-5581 Maryum Sardar Muhammad Sardar Pass 3.27
14MAENG9042 11-US-P-2754 Nazia Ishfaq Ishfaq Hussain Pass 2.99
14MAENG9043 11-US-P-14914 Adiba Liaqat Liaqat Javeed Pass 2.89
14MAENG9044 11-US-247-56 Naeem Akhter Abid Hussain Pass 2.89
14MAENG9045 12-US-247-139 Sidra Ismail Muhammad Ismail Pass 2.84
14MAENG9046 14F-US-490-34 Hina Gul Naz Muhammad Jaffar Pass 3.13
14MAENG9047 12-US-247-157 Sania Nisar Laal Khan Nisar Pass 2.91
14MAENG9048 11-US-247-03 Rizwana Yasin Ghulam Yasin Pass 2.63
14MAENG9049 14-US-P-5967 Sidra Tul Muntaha Muhammad Sher Pass 2.87
14MAENG9050 11-US-131-08 Robina Kausar Akhtar Hussain Pass 3.28
14MAENG9051 Saba Mehboob Mehboob Ali Pass 3.03
14MAENG9052 Fariha Qamar Syed Qamar Abbas Pass 2.78
14MAENG9053 Aqsa Hameed Aqbdul Hameed Pass 2.35
14MAENG9062 13-US-172-05 Sundas Jabeen Farzand Ali Pass 2.54
14MAENG9063 14F-US-20-31 Shahid Ali Shamshad Pass 2.27
14MAENG9064 14-US-P-7775 Muhammad Shahid Muhammad Hanif Pass 2.94
14MAENG9066 Muhammad Tahir Hussain Muhammad Ali Pass 2.41
14MAENG9067 12-US-P-2040 Waseem Shahzad Dost Muhammad Pass 2.27
14MAENG9069 14-US-P-1269 Sikandar Hayat Sarja Pass 2.56
14MAENG9070 14F-US-20-29 Muhammad Arslan Bashir Ahmad Pass 3.00
14MAENG9071 14-US-P-125 Talha Akram Muhammad Akram Tarar Pass 2.40
14MAENG9072 11-US-53-324 Hina Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Pass 2.36
14MAENG9073 03X-US-01-566 Hafiz Muhammad Nasir Mahmood Muhammad Nasar Hayat Pass 2.80
14MAENG9074 12-US-P-16126 Muhammad Atif Anwar Hashmi Muhammad Anwar Hashmi Pass 3.16
14MAENG9075 12-US-19-51 Ghulam Shabber Ghulam Ali Pass 2.77
14MAENG9076 11-US-03-403 Iqra Tufail Muhammad Tufail Pass 2.29
14MAENG9077 10-US-17-05 Sumbul Merer Elahi Meher Elahi Pass 2.58
14MAENG9078 09-US-20-15 Ayesha Arshad Muhammad Arshad Shahid Pass 3.59
14MAENG9079 12-US-95-306 Nabila Islam Muhammad Islam Pass 3.44
14MAENG9080 11-US-03-216 Sobia Naheed Muhammad Boota Pass 2.85
14MAENG9081 14F-US-20-33 Saadia Qazi Muhmmad Nasar Hayat Absent
14MAENG9083 14-US-P-420 Ayesha Ahmad Hazoor Ahmad Pass 3.08
14MAENG9084 14F-US-20-30 Shamshir Ali Muhammad Saeed Pass 2.46
14MAENG9087 14-US-406– Kiran Naz Muhammad Khan Pass 2.92
14MAENG9088 14-US-406– Saima Ameen Muhammad Ameen Pass 2.51
14MAENG9096 14F-US-15-14 Amreen Anwar Muhammad Anwar Pass 2.87
14MAENG9097 12-US56-83 Tyiaba Perveen Sultan Ali Pass 3.11
14MAENG9098 12-US-156-77 Umbreen Aslam Hafiz Muhammad Aslam Pass 3.31
14MAENG9100 14F-US-156-15 Qurat Ul Ain Khadim Hussain Pass 2.27
14MAENG9101 10-US-156-19 Sana Saqib Abdul Ghafoor Saqib Pass 2.59
14MAENG9102 Saba Ilyas Muhammad Ilyas Dropped 1.63
14MAENG9104 Zunaira Tariq Tariq Mehmood Pass 2.87
14MAENG9105 Ishrat Perveen Gulam Qader Pass 3.15
14MAENG9107 Urwa Jabeen Muhammad Mukhtar Pass 2.60
14MAENG9108 Bushra Shahid Shahid Iqbal Pass 2.56
14MAENG9109 Rehana Kousar Muhammad Yousaf Pass 2.65
14MAENG9110 Faseeha Mehboob Mehboob Ahmad Pass 2.76
14MAENG9111 Saima Bibi Muhammad Abdullah May Repeat Failed Courses 1.99
14MAENG9112 Uzma Usman Muhammad Usman Pass 2.64
14MAENG9114 Nibras Naqvi Muhammad Baqir Naqvi Pass 2.92
14MAENG9115 Lubna Jabeen Muhammad Khan Pass 2.55
14MAENG9117 Babra Hussain Muhammad Hussain Pass 2.53
14MAENG9119 Feriha Maqsood Maqsood Ahmad Pass 2.06
14MAENG9120 Hina Maqsood Maqsood Ahmad Pass 2.48
14MAENG9122 Mamoona Gull Iqbal Hussain Pass 2.70
14MAENG9123 Hafiza Madeeha Kanwal Muhammad Yousaf Pass 2.22
14MAENG9124 Maham Khalid Khalid Pervaz Pass 2.66
14MAENG9125 Nimra Shakil Shakil Anwar Pass 3.32
14MAENG9127 Maria Afzaal Syed Afzal Haider Pass 2.43
14MAENG9128 Faryal Arshad Arshad Hussain Pass 2.64
14MAENG9129 Saba Pervaiz Pervaiz Akhter Pass 2.63
14MAENG9130 Mariam Pervaiz Pervaiz Akhtar Pass 3.01
14MAENG9131 Naveeda Kanwal Ali Asghar Pass 2.64
14MAENG9133 Shumaila Tariq Tariq Mehmood Pass 3.26
14MAENG9134 Samreen Arshad Arshad Mehmood Pass 3.06
14MAENG9137 Rahima Shafique Muhammad Shafique Pass 3.19
14MAENG9138 Ishrat Nawaz Haji Rab Nawaz Pass 2.54
14MAENG9139 Zainab Fatima Umar Farooq Pass 3.45
14MAENG9140 Nusrat Mahboob Muhammad Mahboob Pass 3.08
14MAENG9141 Sahrish Altaf Altaf Hussain Pass 3.00
14MAENG9142 Mahrukh Mumtaz Muhammad Mumtaz Pass 3.37
14MAENG9143 Itrat Batool Syed Munnwer Hussein Pass 2.48
14MAENG9144 Mehreen Manzoor Manzoor Elahi Pass 2.87
14MAENG9145 Samia Sadia Sana Ullah Pass 3.06
14MAENG9146 Benish Rani Ghulam Hussain Pass 2.69
14MAENG9147 Adeeba Kausar Dost Muhammad Pass 2.31
14MAENG9150 Iqra Imtiaz Imtiaz Ahmed Pass 2.65
14MAENG9151 Aqsa Nadeem Muhammad Nadeem Anar Pass 3.13
14MAENG9152 Neha Islam Islam Ud Din Pass 3.21
14MAENG9154 07-US-03-47 Maryam Farooq Khalid Farooq RLA
14MAENG9155 13-US-P-356 Hira Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.28
14MAENG9156 11-US-P-5411 Zakia Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Abid Pass 2.96
14MAENG9157 14-US-P-3546 Nosheen Abbas Ghulam Abbas Pass 3.00
14MAENG9158 12-US-7-127 Anum Shaheen Muhammad Afzal Pass 3.14
14MAENG9159 12-US-46-48 Hafiza Muqadas Adil Murtaza Pass 3.09
14MAENG9160 12-US-63-39 Javaria Sattar Abdul Sattar Pass 2.86
14MAENG9161 12-US-3-301 Mamoona Anum Muhammad Nawaz Pass 3.12
14MAENG9162 07-US-P-372 Iram Shahzadi Muhammad Rafaqat Ali Pass 3.32
14MAENG9163 14F-US-46-14 Zanib Parveen Muhammad Ramzan Pass 3.22
14MAENG9164 12-US-47-59 Syeda Sumrina Sajid Syed Sajid Ali Shah Pass 2.73
14MAENG9165 12-US-3-194 Syeda Saila Batool Syed Sajjad Akbar Pass 3.40
14MAENG9166 12-US-3-90 Azra Bibi Muhammad Nadir Pass 2.96
14MAENG9167 12-US-46-55 Syeda Undleeb Zahra Syed Amir Hussain Pass 3.41
14MAENG9168 14F-US-46-15 Iqra Bibi Muhammad Shafi Pass 3.16
14MAENG9169 11-US-46-32 Sana Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.28
14MAENG9171 12-US-71-101 Ayesha Sultana Muhammad Mukhtar Pass 3.47
14MAENG9172 12-US-71-100 Tanzila Ghaffar Haji Abdul Ghaffar Pass 3.53
14MAENG9173 11-US-345-191 Ayesha Siddiqua Ghulam Mustafa Pass 3.00
14MAENG9174 07-US-02-729 Nosheen Ali Ashiq Ali Pass 2.85
14MAENG9175 12-US-46-112 Rabiah Ashraf Awan Muhammad Ashraf Awan Pass 3.36
14MAENG9176 12-US-3-358 Sehrish Majid Abdul Majid Pass 2.97
14MAENG9177 12-US-3-62 Amber Yasmeen Abdul Ghani Pass 3.10
14MAENG9178 14F-US-46-16 Sobia Nazar Nazar Muhammad Pass 3.24
14MAENG9179 12-US-6-85 Maria Zulifqar Zulifqar Ali Pass 3.04
14MAENG9181 12-US-46-68 Hafiza Irum Fatima Fida Hussain Pass 3.70
14MAENG9182 09-US-15-43 Saima Sarfraz Sarfraz Khan Pass 2.11
14MAENG9184 12-US-7-200 Maria Tariq Tariq Mehmood Pass 2.94
14MAENG9185 11-US-03-355 Iqra Fatima Shafiq Ahmad Pass 3.04
14MAENG9186 09-US-15-92 Sidra Manzoor Manzoor Ahmed Pass 2.82
14MAENG9187 12-US-03-149 Shehla Rashid Abdul Rashid Pass 3.23
14MAENG9188 12-US-46-57 Attiya Masoom Munir Hussain Pass 2.77
14MAENG9189 11-US-07-20 Mehwish Shahzadi Khan Muhammad Pass 3.22
14MAENG9190 14F-US-46-18 Shanila Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 2.75
14MAENG9191 14-US-P-267 Sumaira Anita Yousaf Gill Pass 2.87
14MAENG9192 12-US-7-17 Itrat Nida Khalid Mehmood Alvi Pass 2.89
14MAENG9193 12-US-3-59 Zoha Nosheen Abdul Shakoor Pass 2.62
14MAENG9194 10-US-ENG-79 Qurat Ul Ain Malik Muhammad Riaz Pass 3.45
14MAENG9195 09-US-02-595 Haleema Sadia Liaqat Hayat Pass 2.96
14MAENG9197 11-US-P-7244 Rizwana Bibi Basharat Ali Pass 3.06
14MAENG9198 12-US-6-71 Jawaria Sultan Sultan Khan Pass 2.56
14MAENG9199 12-US-3-71 Rehana Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 3.12
14MAENG9200 08-US-302-674 Raheela Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmed Pass 2.83
14MAENG9201 12*-US-3-134 Zunaira Aftab Aftab Ahmad Pass 2.61
14MAENG9202 12-US-95-316 Sanawia Tabasum Ghulam Hussain Pass 2.89
14MAENG9203 12-US-46-71 Zainab Farooq Farooq Tariq Pass 2.41
14MAENG9204 07-US-04-28 Hafiza Sana Shakil Syed Shakil Hussain Pass 3.07
14MAENG9205 11-US-95-242 Iqra Mumtaz Muhammad Mumtaz Pass 3.21
14MAENG9207 08-US-08-731 Sadia Noor Noor Muhammad Pass 2.31
14MAENG9208 14F-US-46-20 Rimsha Faryad Muhammad Faryad Pass 3.44
14MAENG9209 14-US-P-510 Qausain Zahra Sherazi Madad Ali Shah Pass 3.18
14MAENG9210 12-US-46-53 Iqra Shahid Shahid Atta Pass 2.56
14MAENG9211 12-US-46-70 Malika Nasir Syed Nasir Abbas Shah Pass 3.01
14MAENG9212 14F-US-46-21 Rabia Qasim Qasim Ali Pass 3.01
14MAENG9213 14-US-P-9988 Naila Noor Noor Ahmad Pass 3.14
14MAENG9214 11-US-02-155 Raqia Kalsoom Hasrat Iqbal Pass 2.70
14MAENG9215 12-US-46-61 Maham Akram Muhammad Akram Absent
14MAENG9216 11-US-239-105 Maryam Imaam Buksh Imaam Buksh Pass 2.63
14MAENG9217 14F-US-46-22 Ayesha Sadiqa Safder Mehmood Pass 2.98
14MAENG9218 13-US-P-252 Madeeha Ameen Muhammad Ameen Sultan Pass 3.02
14MAENG9219 12-US-3-331 Anum Shehzadi Muhammad Anwar Pass 3.16
14MAENG9220 12-US-3-332 Irum Hussain M Anwar Pass 3.05
14MAENG9221 12-US-46-81 Laraib Tahir Muhammad Tahir Pass 2.90
14MAENG9222 10-US-04-58 Sadia Batool Ghulam Muhammad Pass 2.36
14MAENG9223 Nadia Ehsan Ehsan Ullah Pass 2.65
14MAENG9224 Asma Bano Haji Muhammad Pass 2.87
14MAENG9228 14F-US-207–33 Ammara Khalid Khalid Mehmood Pass 2.36
14MAENG9231 14F-US-207–38 Hina Razzaq Abdul Razzaq Pass 2.57
14MAENG9232 14F-US-207–39 Misbah Bashir Bashir Ahmed Pass 2.49
14MAENG9234 14F-US-207–43 Zarka Shaheen Bahadir Khan Pass 2.50
14MAENG9235 14F-US-207–44 Sadia Amin Muhammad Amin Pass 2.35
14MAENG9236 Saira Kanwal Muhammad Hanif Pass 2.55
14MAENG9240 Tayyaba Noreen Mushtaq Ahmad Pass 2.36
14MAENG9241 Safdar Ijaz Muhammad Ijaz Pass 2.91
14MAENG9242 11-US-P–8010 Saadia Naureen Muhhammad Ejaz Pass 2.47
14MAENG9243 Nida Ijaz Muhammad Ijaz Pass 2.78
14MAENG9246 Shamaila Malik Malik Khan Pass 3.03
14MAENG9247 Rida Malik Manzoor Ahmed May Repeat Failed Courses 1.97
14MAENG9250 11-US-03-194 Saima Naik Naik Alam Pass 2.67
14MAENG9251 Fatima Ayoub Muhammad Ayoub Pass 2.61
14MAENG9252 Hafsa Hasnain Hasnain Akhtar Pass 3.13
14MAENG9253 Umair Alam Fakhar Alam Pass 2.78
14MAENG9255 Muhammad Ajmal Allah Bux Pass 2.40
14MAENG9257 Irfan Arshad Muhammad Arshad Pass 2.59
14MAENG9258 Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Saleem Pass 2.14
14MAENG9260 Badar Sajjad Ahmad Muhammad Arshad Pass 2.61
14MAENG9262 Muhammad Muneer Ahmad Muhammad Ismaeel Pass 2.93
14MAENG9263 Zohaib Akbar Ali Akbar Pass 2.54
14MAENG9264 Saba Faiz Main Faiz Ul Rehman Pass 2.65
14MAENG9274 Muhammad Hassan Sher Muhammad Pass 2.75
14MAENG9276 14-US-P–178 Zill E Huma Muhammad Munir Ahmad Pass 2.88
14MAENG9284 Humna Habib Habib Ur Rehman Pass 2.27
14MAENG9285 Farwa Latif Muhammad Latif Pass 2.40
14MAENG9289 Kiran Shehzadi Muhammad Akram Pass 2.26

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